two birds of a feather…


C & I took a trip, one of his Christmas presents from me, to Eureka Springs for the weekend. It was SOOOOOOO much fun! We stayed in The Original Treehouse Cottages and had a blast! Our cottage was awesome, complete with a double jacuzzi tub with a HUGE window in front of it, Queen bed, kitchenette, free wifi, HGTV with cable and a wrap-around balcony with a grill…and did I mention the PERFECT view of the outdoors?!?!?!

It was the sweetest weekend away, I think we’ve ever had! We were relaxed, drama-free and together…what could be better? We went to one of my favorite flea markets…I stumbled upon it a month ago with Leslie…and found a couple of treasures.

We also rode on scooters, from Black Jack Adventures. We buzzed around town, went to lunch at Local Flavor, shopped at The Leather store, the Life is Good store and a fun little shop attached to the Life is Good store, where we hit the shoe JACKPOT! Yes, feed the bad, bad habit! haha! The scooters were so fun, I was incredibly scared when we first got on them. I was stiff as a board and could hardly turn corners. It’s amazing how fast I got comfortable with it when we actually got on the open road. I was going up to 35 miles per hour and turning corners like a pro! The freedom and openness was absolutely liberating! I would LOVE to own one!

We had many sweet little visitors…a squirrel, Hello Kitty, more birds than I can count…it all felt like a fairytale. On the way home, we saw (counted) 52 hawks (something we do quite often!), 3 bald eagles (2 on ONE TREE!!!), an multiple deer. Perfect!

Though this trip was completely magical, it would not have been so perfect with out that prince charming, the man I get to call my husband. I never imagined I would find him. He’s perfect for me…keeps me grounded with his love and support! I am amazed every day that I get to spend the rest of my life with him because I love him more than anyone or anything!

I am the luckiest girl…Dream. Come. TRUE! ; ) I love you, CRB!!!


About Andi @ abrownberry

Hey, y’all and welcome to my blog! I'm Andi, a southern girl that loves, good ole faith, fun, food, fellowship and football (Razorback only!) I've got the most AMAZING husband and I’m an adoptive mama to the 3 most BEAUTIFUL mermaids and 3 fur babies! I am a believer and follower of Jesus and am thankful everyday for His constant love, grace & guidance! I have a passion for health and wellnes and share with others how to create their own journey to health and wellness, naturally, with Plexus!!!

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