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All the fits…

Went to Chick-Fil-A today to burn time until C got off work. It was M’s 4th birthday, so we celebrated! We got cookies, soda and played hard…UNTIL ONE OF THE GREAT FITS OF 2018!

See, my children went to the bathroom together. Normal, right?! Yeah. All was good until L locked her and M in the stall and E knew she was supposed to stay with them. L refused to unlock it. E decided to climb under the stall to get in

{YAY, E for being proactive, kid…gross, but smart!}

Well, L didn’t like that and decided to LOSE HER EVER LOVING MIND. She went ballistic. Seriously.

— PTSD after Spring Break and a fit in Target with AJ {THANK GOD FOR THIS WOMAN…MY HERO!} that prompted a forceful, yet loving removal of L from Target. Followed by 20-30 mins of a struggle in the parking lot to get her buckled and safe.

And IF you were at said Chick-Fil-A and watched {and yes, PLENTY SAT & WATCHED! I almost started charging and offering popcorn!}

I’m sorry!

Yes, I called C for backup.

Yes, I kept my cool.

No, I didn’t care that you all judged me {AND STARED…ps: that makes a mama feel worse! TURN. YOUR. HEAD. —- unless you’re gonna hold a hand up in a fist in solidarity!}.

No, I wasn’t watching you.

Yes, I was mortified.

Yes, I want to drink now.

No, I don’t care about your thoughts on that either.

Yes, I wanted to cry.

Yes, she kept unbuckling her seatbelt.

No, I didn’t walk away, I continued to re-buckle. Yes, I had to put on childlock.

Yes, I was sweating.

Yes, I’m over it.

Yes, I’m exhausted.

Yes, it ruined the plans we had for my other child today {because she turned four today!}

Yes, I feel out of options and confused on where to go now. {No, I’m not asking for your input, I’m venting!}

No, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

Yes, I stayed calm and continued on. {no promises that daddy didn’t lose it and start yelling later!}

Yes, I feel isolated and alone at times because I don’t know how to help her. {trauma can do a number on you and can wreak havoc at any given moment with ZERO WARNING! —- no, I don’t want your stories on how your typical child does the same!}

But you know what keeps me going? Knowing that tomorrow is another day, with another story to write. Tomorrow she and I can both start over {though that early bedtime for said fit STANDS!} God has shown me grace, so it’s my job to show her!

🥂To a new day tomorrow!🍻

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100th Day of School!

My big girls {6yo & 10yo} had their 100th Day of School Celebration today! E decided, being 10yo and all, she wanted to go big girl on me and just make a shirt. So she wrote her name 100 times on it.

L wanted to go all out and dress up like a 100yo old lady!

L told one of her teachers that she “looked like her because she was dressed like an old lady!” I was told, by said teacher, in the pick-up line. I was mortified, but the teacher was SUPER sweet about it. She said it was “her BEST 100th Day of School” because of L! My babies are loved! That makes my mama heart feel happy!

But seriously, HOW PRECIOUS are these mermaids?! 😍 #AllTheHappyFeels

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I’m gonna get REAL for a moment…because I’m SO OVERWHELMED with emotion towards this topic. I’m sorry if this comes across ugly, but it needs to be said…

This has happened to me recently and I’ve seen several posts in the past month BASHING parents because their kids weren’t quiet in a restaurant or they had a meltdown in a store. You CLEARLY do NOT have children when you say insensitive things like this! They are humans and get upset about things too…sorry we can’t time them around YOUR schedule. Also, to say that those parents needed to just “stay home” is probably more insensitive than your offense to the fit. How dare you! You do N O T know the circumstances of the situation. Some kids have OCD, ODD, Autism…the list goes on. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RIGHT TO JUDGE! Sometimes that dinner or lunch is that mother’s chance to feel NORMAL, while trying to give her children an experience. Sorry your feelings weren’t considered, but in my home YOU aren’t important…these precious babies are! This is a perfect place for #SorryNotSorry

Adoption is hard.
Fostering is hard.
Kids with disabilities are hard.
Kids without disabilities are hard.
Parenting is hard.

Are some kids spoiled? Yes. Mine ARE…mine also have NEVER had a chance to BE SPOILED! Consider yourself LUCKY and BLESSED that YOU didn’t have to endure some of the things mine and others have experienced.

And while I’m on my soapbox…

It doesn’t matter how you got to be a parent…it’s HARD!
But when you have a traumatized child, it makes it harder!

Does every child have fits? YES! But not every child has fits like a TRAUMATIZED CHILD! That sweet and innocent child disappears and their fits turn into something like no other! They sometimes don’t remember it. And most of the time, they are in another place during said fit.

Please, if you know someone who is fostering/adopting, DO NOT tell them a fit is a fit. It’s NOT the same. There are situations in their backgrounds that have happened to them and that they do NOT deserve! It’s NOT the same!

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House hunting Kentucky style…

Ahh, here it is 5:15 am (Kentucky time) on October 2nd…room is dark & FREEZING, hubs and puppies asleep…I woke up wide awake! Ugh!

So many emotions going on right now. It’s becoming real to me that this is really happening! I’m ELATED to be on this journey of moving to a new place, where I know zilch & know no one. But it’s also been VERY hard knowing I’m about to leave everyone and everything I have ever known. Yes, I have made 1…ONE…friend, so far, but back home I have MANY friends and family!!! S C A R Y !

I have figured out my way around a bit, around the hotel. But y’all, I. Am. Lost. I can’t remember where to turn to go here or how to get back to there…thank GOD for GPS!

We finally found a house that we are in LOVE with. We even went back to it about 3-4 times just to look at it again. {Its the one I posted to Facebook} But we found out yesterday that it is no longer available. {Insert tears here!}

So, now we’re back to square one. YAY! Sunday & Monday, we drove around looking at neighborhoods we liked/didn’t like. Online there were some that looked amazing, but when we got here and found them…yeah, they were nixed…FAST! We came here with 34 houses to look at and over the course of two days, I managed to mark off half of them. 😞

I know that it will take time to adjust to the move and the upcoming changes. But I have had several meltdowns a day, realizing that I’m moving and the awesome friends and family I won’t see as often. I won’t be able to have my precious nieces & nephews over for the afternoon or evening or go over to my sisters’ houses just to see/talk to them. I won’t be able to just hop in the car and buzz over to Jennifer’s (either of you!). I won’t be able to beg and plead with Leslie to come on a road trip adventure for the day with me. I wont have an amazing family to nanny for that blesses me daily (times TWO!) I won’t be able to meet up with Devin & Amy, Nikki & Maddie, Katie, my parents, or ANYONE for dinner on a whim.
Not seeing Arkansas stuff everywhere or see Razorbacks everywhere (as awful as they are right now, I will ALWAYS be a piggie…and you will NEVER see UK anything in my house!!!).
I have to find new doctors, new job, new friends…the list goes on…

It’s. So. Hard.

The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that I have a loving and supportive husband and a heavenly Father that has/will guide our steps in the direction we are supposed to go. THANK YOU, Jesus!!! He has provided sooooo much for us, so far, and I know He will continue.

Please join us in prayer for this trip to find the house/church/etc that we need (or at least be on that path!).

On a lighter note, we have KROGER and its a marketplace and its H U G E ! And by huge, I mean GINORMOUS!!! I couldn’t even fit the whole thing in a picture. And I was so excited I sent a picture of it to my parents. Haha!

Thank you for you support, love & prayers…we appreciate you!

💚 ya’ll, Collin & Andi

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new site found AND all natural, liquid laundry detergent {including he machines}

Ok, I found another website today that has a TON of resources for stay-at-home moms AND those wanting a more educational/natural way of life. I found an AWESOME recipe for all natural, liquid laundry detergent. Click here for more information on it! ; )

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I have been trying to lose weight for several months now…successfully, but not as fast as I’d like!  I’m going to try a new program…the Arbonne program!  If you don’t know me well, you should know that I  L O V E  me some Arbonne!  {I actually started my own Arbonne business in 2010!}  I am wanting to start the detox FULL FORCE and see how much I can lose in the next couple of months! If any of you would like to know more about it, message me and we can chat!  I’m going to be posting recipes on here after I try them…letting you know if I {and the hubs} have enjoyed them or not!  

I’m hoping that if anyone else is struggling with weightless, that this might be inspiring and encouraging, as it is providing great and helpful resources!  


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Ok, friends…

CraftGossip’s Fork and Talk in Little Rock, Arkansas is BACK!  If you don’t know what it is or would like to attend this year, please follow HERE and find out all the details!  Paige and I went last year and had the most fun!  We met some amazing friends through crafting…did I mention all the FREE stuff we got from EK Success and yummy food from Trio’s!  Check it out and get involved!  It’s so much fun and you’ll meet some crafty and fun people from around Arkansas and beyond!  Let me know if you have any other questions…if I can’t answer them, I’ll get you in touch with someone who can!  ; )

Have a blessed one and happy crafting!