it's a dog's world

dog tags and microchips…

Well, our vet has a website for these stainless steel dog tags.  I went to the website and was VERY impressed!  We decided on the slide tag…SOOO cute!  Also, fairly inexpensive!  WOOHOO!!!

Pet Smith Company, is their website…check out! ; )

I also came across this little video (on Cesar’s page) of a doxie and a monkey playing together…had to share!

it's a dog's world

First week with his forever home…

Gus is doing GREAT!  He’s adjusted so well and we are head over heels IN LOVE with this sweet boy!  His housebreaking is still in progress, but his crating is getting much better!  We did decide to not crate at night and let him sleep with us…he’s just too sweet!  ; )

I’ve been on a craft hiatus, though I’ve got the itch again and need to get crafting!  I FINALLY (with the help of my WONDERFUL sister-in-law) cleaned out my crafting/junk/extra/catch-all/etc room out a couple of weeks ago…WOW!  I thought it was going to take up a minimum of 4 days, but it took about 2 hours (start to finish) to clean up! It had become one of those rooms that you shove and close…rarely opening the door, as a PILE would fall out on you!  Hahah!  With the move coming up, that made me feel a LOT more free!  I’m just needing to do the same to my bedroom now… Yay. Me.

Three weeks left and I’ll be at home full-time AND be a grandmother for the second time!  I can’t wait for that sweet baby to get here!  We are so blessed with Isy, can’t wait to meet Lily!  {Yes, I’m proud to say I’m a thirty-something grandmother!!! I mean, if you saw that beautiful face, you’d know why!}

Ok, friends!  I’ll be back to crafting {hopefully} this week!  Hope you’re all having a WONDERFUL weekend!