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I’m gonna get REAL for a moment…because I’m SO OVERWHELMED with emotion towards this topic. I’m sorry if this comes across ugly, but it needs to be said…

This has happened to me recently and I’ve seen several posts in the past month BASHING parents because their kids weren’t quiet in a restaurant or they had a meltdown in a store. You CLEARLY do NOT have children when you say insensitive things like this! They are humans and get upset about things too…sorry we can’t time them around YOUR schedule. Also, to say that those parents needed to just “stay home” is probably more insensitive than your offense to the fit. How dare you! You do N O T know the circumstances of the situation. Some kids have OCD, ODD, Autism…the list goes on. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RIGHT TO JUDGE! Sometimes that dinner or lunch is that mother’s chance to feel NORMAL, while trying to give her children an experience. Sorry your feelings weren’t considered, but in my home YOU aren’t important…these precious babies are! This is a perfect place for #SorryNotSorry

Adoption is hard.
Fostering is hard.
Kids with disabilities are hard.
Kids without disabilities are hard.
Parenting is hard.

Are some kids spoiled? Yes. Mine ARE…mine also have NEVER had a chance to BE SPOILED! Consider yourself LUCKY and BLESSED that YOU didn’t have to endure some of the things mine and others have experienced.

And while I’m on my soapbox…

It doesn’t matter how you got to be a parent…it’s HARD!
But when you have a traumatized child, it makes it harder!

Does every child have fits? YES! But not every child has fits like a TRAUMATIZED CHILD! That sweet and innocent child disappears and their fits turn into something like no other! They sometimes don’t remember it. And most of the time, they are in another place during said fit.

Please, if you know someone who is fostering/adopting, DO NOT tell them a fit is a fit. It’s NOT the same. There are situations in their backgrounds that have happened to them and that they do NOT deserve! It’s NOT the same!


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